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Oh boy... well, I managed to get the Prius up to 50mpg for the drive back from Mom's house. I just set the cruise for the speed limit and sat there.

Had a letter waiting for me when I got back... CA is protesting my 2004 tax return. They think I owe almost 800 bucks extra(including interest, etc). That is the tax year I was at Beale. I didn't even do the return myself, I paid H&R Block to do it. I also paid them the 25 bucks to 'insure' my return.

So, after a trip to the district office, it sounds like they will resubmit the CA return for me. The amount of CA tax paid is used as a credit on the MA return, so that also needs to be resumbitted. The tax amounts will roughly even each other out, except for interest. Any net amount I owe, they will reimburse because I bought the 'piece of mind' insurance. Their district manager has to go over and fix the mistakes and resubmit the forms before I know exactly what to send to CA/MA.

We just got the federal tax refund. The yearly performance sharing bonus is supposed to be in next week's check too, so that'll be nice.

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