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So, Mom got much more snow that we did. They got 50+cm last week and then another 10+cm the day before we arrived. The snow piles on the sides of the driveway were well over 2 meters and near to 3 meters on one side. I helped Mom clear off the recent snow, which she hadn't done yet. The wind was something wicked and really blew the snow all over the place. The bottom 2-3cm of snow was 'wet' with lighter snow on top. The bottom half consistantly stuck to the shovel and the top snow consistantly blew back into my face.

I took Aiyre sledding twice. Once up in West Hill between the Evenden's and Coffey's house and once in Central Park. It was a real effort each time, but she seemed to like it. With the snow so deep I had to cut a walking trail back and forth for her. Burr. She really like going down backwards on the Central Park trail. Crazy girl.

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