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gas prices

I think that in the long run high gasoline prices is helpful to the US economy. In the short term it may discourage travel and such. In the long run it encourages people to research and purchase more fuel efficient vehicles and home heating equipment. This will cause a reduction of the dependence on foreign oil. When we don't spend as much on foreign oil, we can spend more on domestic purchases.

We should have been pushing for higher fuel prices for a long time. We should be attempting to push the price even higher by adding additional taxes. We need to stop sending money to the middle east. We need to stop sending money into the hands of the terrorists. The only way to do that is to develop alternates. We will not be able to do that until it is economical to do so. With the current 'cheap' gasoline, the investment into the alternatives is not at the levels it needs to be in order to accomplish our goals.

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