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The beautiful weather is letting up again. Its cool and cloudy today. In my opinion a very good day for mountain biking. Alas, that is not in the cards for me. If I were to bring my bicycle to work, so I can ride over lunch, would I be required to wear a helmet?

I brought in a box of thin mint cookies which those damn girl scouts made me buy. They hijacked me coming out of the supermarket. One went for the knee and the others went for the wallet. Before I knew it I was on my way with two boxes of thin mints and a thank you note written on a small slip of graph paper. Alas, for my left had forced my right to eat the first box before I was able to come up with a hazardous material safety data sheet for them. The second box was easy to dispose of once I knew the proper procedure. The remains of the box are in the 4a vent on face B.

I think that the next interrogation center that is build should be built into a triangular building. It is very disorienting. I think it would be very helpful towards getting additional information out of the enemy.

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