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We got snow, maybe 4-5 cm on Saturday morning. I took the kids out to play. Neither really liked the sled, but then again we don't have much of a hill.

Today Aiyre and I popped over to the DCU center for some kind of petting zoo/carnival thing. Pretty much a money pit. 7 for parking, 10 to get in, 2 bucks per 'ticket' for rides, etc. Peta was out in force, even though it was a cold day. I felt sorry for some of the animals, which clearly were not having a good day. Others seemed to be perfectly happy.

My throat sickness isn't totally better yet. Even medicated, I've been tired and my throat sore all day. Just sitting here its a constant ache that I can pretty much ignore, but swallowing is a pretty sharp intense pain.

This morning I watched The Illusionist and this afternoon Serenity. I liked both. Good quality flicks although I was unable to get Serenity to display using the full screen without losing picture. Probably recorded in 2.35:1 instead of 16:9. Damn companies. When are they going to release the 'wide wide' screen TVs?

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