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Thu, Feb. 1st, 2007, 09:25 am

So, I've been sick for a couple days. It started up Tuesday. Sore throat, followed by chills and sensitivity(Everything was too much, too bright, too loud, etc. It hurt to touch my hair because it felt like someone was pulling it). Anyway, some cold meds and bed rest and I was a little better yesterday. It got worse towards the end of the day. This morning, I'm not too bad, my throat really hurts. Those glads under the jaw you always see doctors feeling are really swollen and sore.

Not sure how contageous it is yet. No one at home has it. I ate lunch with Norm yesterday, so we'll see if he gets it.

So.. I've never owned a dog, but I was wondering what the threshold was to be 'as sick as a dog'? Do I have to be to the point where I can't stand on two legs and drool a lot? Must I lie around all day? It is when your mind has gone and you go around smelling people's crotches? I'm certainly cranky and hoarse enough I feel like I've been barking at people. Maybe that is the threshold?