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Thu, Jan. 25th, 2007, 08:49 pm
New Health Care System?

As you might expect, I don't agree with "El Presidante's" new health care proposal. I object to the part where people with coverage pay taxes on the coverage over 15K. While this wouldn't affect me directly, it would hurt those who really need it.

More than 30 states allow insurance companies to discriminate based on age, medical condition, past medical conditions, job, etc when deciding on how much to charge for health insurance. Firefighters, police officers, etc have to pay high premiums because they have risky jobs. Bush's solution... Tax them! Old people. Old people who fought off cancer. They really need to be taxed!

He'd have gotten a lot more support if he hadn't added in that tax clause. I'd rather pay a 2% sales tax than force those groups of people to have to pay taxes on their health insurance. I mean.. what was he thinking? He wants people to have health insurance, so he taxes people who do. Hello? Clue Phone.. its for you W.