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1. Kerry has decided not to run for Prez. Yeah! Now, if we can just get someone to run against him in the primary.

2. Religion and the unexposed. When talking with some mormons, I asked about how they felt about all the people in hard to reach locations that will 'burn in hell' because they hadn't accepted jesus blah blah blah. Turns out they believe that if you have not been exposed to the gospel, that God just gives you a free pass to heaven. Sweet. Okay, so why do they have some many missionaries out in the world? I mean... My soul was safe. I was headed to heaven. Now, they've talked to me and my soul will only go to heaven if I accept and do what they say. My soul is in danger. WTF? Why the hell did you talk to me about Jesus? Frickin Bastard. Do all the 'major' religions have one of the "If you dont know about us, you get in for free" clauses?

3. Excited about getting rid of TWW. I'll have to look up the website, it was like Maybe housesfromdave?

4. Last day of my Design of Experiments class. Which means another long day. I've been leaving the house at 5:30 am and getting back about 7:15pm. Bleck. At least I'm getting OT for the time. I've got 3 days of classes next week too.

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