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On my way walking into work this evening, after my class ended, I got distracted by a honking horn and walked right into a wheelchair parking sign post. Whaam. It wasn't attached to the ground, just a pole coming out of a bucket of cement or something. I knocked it over. I fell down, rolling with it and all that. I wasn't hurt, just embarassed and dirty.

Pulling into my driveway this evening I notice one of the reflector poles at the end of the driveway has been sheered off at ground level. It fell pointing directly away from the driveway across the street. The reflector pole is metal and had a dent and black skuff at about bumper height. The bottom spike, which is also metal is connected to the metal pole by a plastic insert/threaded piece. In the cold it broke right off when the car hit it.

So.. here is the question. What do we do about it? Just replace it and hope it doesn't happen again? The house in question is just an old lady whose husband died last year. Her kids(all adults, most with their own kids) now come over a lot to visit and help out. I've not seen her drive, so I suspect it was one of the "kids". Keep buying new ones till we witness them doing it? Buy one, cement it in with large spikes and stuff? How to deal with these issues? I don't want to start a fight with another neighbor. I don't really know how much emily paid for the reflector thing. I guess I could just buy a bundle(100 or so) of the cheap reflectors at Home Depot and not worry about it.

hmmm. What would you do? What would Jesus do? What would Hitler do? What would Satan do? What would Ghandi do?

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