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I've been getting swamped at work with code reviews and such so that I wasn't able to make any progress on my own work. I'll be in Tewksbury for a class 3 days next week and 3 days the week after. So, I'll probably get even further behind. Well, the put me on the OT list so it'll be my fault if I don't meet the schedule. All I have to do is work late/weekends/etc.

I heard an interesting bit on NPR on the way home. The british archives released a document from the 1950s which was an offer from France to join with England and accept the british government as their rulers. I would guess the Royal Family said no. Sure, the French people would have rioted and crap, but I mean, didn't England fight various wars for like 1000 years to take over France? Now that it's handed to them they say no?

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