Lawful Evil (lawful_evil) wrote,
Lawful Evil


Mom came out to visit on Saturday to dodge the 'snow'. We hung out, had lunch, managed to play outside when the rain stopped for a little while. She asked about borrowing a couple books that KKB have. I called them and they said they'd drop them off at Mom's house. I loaded up GTA San Andreas and got it setup and running. Seems pretty fun, but lots of bad language.

Arg. No snow. Just rain. Very cold freaking rain.

I get to work and the lab is locked. I was told the new combo last week after it changed, but someone distracted me with questions right afterwards and the combo didn't get committed to memory. Doh. I still remember the old combo. The new one... not so much. Took 30 minutes to get someone up here to open the lab. While waiting, the one 'black' guy on the project asked 'Is today a holiday or something?'. Like HELLO! Its Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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