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Aiyre got new shoes because she managed to wear a hole into her old ones. On the top of the shoe, near the tip. She liked dragging that part.

We went to visit the girl up the street and her little pooch. Evan liked the dog, though it was very energenic and kept knocking him over and jumping up on him to lick his face. Aiyre spent the time running in terror, especially when the dog chased her.

Aiyre and I did some Tai Chi(via DVD). She'll follow along to parts of it, but for other parts she just tries to climb on me so I can't do it either.

Shortly after taking a break I see Evan on the couch chewing on something. I check and its one of Emily's plants. Well, the plant isn't poisonous, but this was a stalk which were we attempting to root. So it had some root growing chemical on it which had all sorts of nasty cautions on the container. Doh. We called poison control center and it turns out that ingestion of small amounts is probably fine, but inhalation is bad. Okay. Hopefully they are right. We'll find out soon.

Of course, while we're on the phone with the poison people Evan trips and bangs his face on the end table. Below his left eye and just a little to the side. Already has a shiner.

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