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BOSTON, Massachusetts (AP) -- Lawmakers in Massachusetts, the only state where gay marriage is legal, voted Tuesday to allow a proposed constitutional amendment that would effectively ban the practice to move forward.

Within two hours, they voted to reconsider, but then voted again to uphold their initial decision.

Sixty-one lawmakers voted in favor of advancing the measure, which would appear on the ballot in 2008 and declare marriage to be only between a man and a woman. The proposal still needs approval of the next legislative session. (View a state-by-state breakdown of same-sex marriage laws)

After the initial vote, gay marriage proponents called for an hour recess.

They returned and voted 117-75 to reconsider the vote after a scolding from one of the Legislature's most outspoken gay marriage opponents.

Lawmakers later considered the issue a third time, voting 62-134 to advance the amendment to the legislative session.

If it makes it on the ballot and residents approve it, the amendment would leave Massachusetts' existing same-sex marriages intact but ban new ones.

Geesh. What is with these people? Why does everyone care so much about this crap? The whole argument used to be that gay marriage would destroy traditional marriage. My marriage seems fine. I don't know anyone who go divorced because of gay marriage. What is the problem?

My other question is... why does it only take 25% to pass? Normally amendment type stuff took 2/3 majority, not 1/4 minority.

I guess it will probably be up to the populous to see reason and vote down the amendment(fat chance). Although they elected Mr. Patrick and he is pro gay marriage.

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