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Turns out that Mom is coming out for xmas. So, I may have to mail out the gifts for KKBK. I finished Buffy season 5, but I think Emily is hasn't started watching season 4. She's been obsessed with GITP and their play by post gaming.

The OS upgrade and new video card in my computer mean I can now play Lego Star Wars on it. LSW 2 won't install, it just hangs and complains and such. Kind of a shame because 2 is a better game in a lot of ways. At least it installs on Emily's computer.

Our dust buster has been dying. It won't hold a charge and when charged it behaves strange. The power level really oscillates. Anyway, I bought a new one when I was in CA at Beale. We couldn't find it so Emily bought another one. While she was at Target, I found the one I bought in CA. So.. now we have to return hers. Ah, more standing in line.

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