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Half and Half

Well, I continue to fight off the cold. It's not getting any worse, certainly not as bad as Emily and Evan got.

The insurance company sent someone by yesterday to swipe some blood, weight us, etc. They are going to check my cholesterol, check my blood sugar, check for genetic diseases, HIV, etc. My doctor appointment in the afternoon wasn't too bad. I've put some of the weight back on, which I'd like to lose again. They took more blood. They also want some other samples to check to see if my stomach problem is caused by bacteria or parasites or something.

I took today and went down to Foxwoods. I grabbed a bit to eat at Panacea(sp?), the bread shop/bakery. I got a Dutch Apple raisen bagel. Wow. Top notch. Just ate it plain, cold, dry. Wow. Skip the chocolate chip cookies and banana nut muffins, but get the bagel for sure. Pretty much spent the whole time(4-5 hours) on Let it Ride. Up, down, up, down. I never really got above where I started, but I had fun. They've got more non-smoking tables, but the freaking smokers show up and smoke at them anyway. Grr.

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