Lawful Evil (lawful_evil) wrote,
Lawful Evil


Aiyre and I went down to City Hall for the rally. Its not that cold out, but the wind cuts right through ya.

'They' spent a lot of money printing up matching signs and buying wooden poles. 'They' huddled around the microphone and podium while we stond behind shouting and heckling. Sure they had more people and all that. The opposing chants were 'Let the people vote' VS. 'Let the people marry'.

Their point, so they claim, was that 109 legislators violated the consitution by failing to address all issues at the constitutional convention. I've not read section 48 of the MA state constitution, but I'll take their word on it. Only 78?, it was tough to hear over the yelling, voted to remain in session.

They open with some religious nut going on about remaining a virgin till marriage and sin and such. What does that have to do with elected officials breaking the law?

I'm all for pressing charges against the law breakers. I'm a little confused about the numbers, but if 78 were for this marriage amendment and 109 were against, it wasn't going to pass. Why not just vote it down and move on?

As I mentioned in the previous rant, we need to get the government out of the marriage business. I'm not sure how this ballot initiative law got going, but the founding father made the government representative for a reason. We are not a 'pure democracy'. I like to think that they understood that the people as stupid and the masses should not be allowed to make those critical decisions. I'm not sure how valid it is in today's mass media world. Well, at least until I see some slack jaw'd yodle from West Virginia or Tenn spouting off on TV.

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