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The weekend is coming to a close. We rented Over the Hedge and An Inconvenient Truth. Well, rented it the wrong word. I used my Coke cap points to get 2 rentals, 2 20oz diet cokes and a tub of popcorn for free. Hedge was amusing at times, but it wasn't really that great. It did poke a bit of fun at the suburban lifestyle and really rubbed in my hatred of covenant communities.

Truth on the other hand, I recommend. Rent it, watch it. I don't think this movie will do much in the way of home sales, but it is a movie everyone should watch. Check out their extra information at please. Please help us save the planet. Check out as well.

What do we do to fight global warming? We set our thermostat to 67. We drive hybrids. We buy solar and wind energy(contact NStar to switch). We've added insulation to the attic and sealed our windows and doors. Could we do more, sure. Will we? I hope so. I'd like to have enough land to have a full solar array. I'd also love to put up a small wind turbine.

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