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I took Aiyre down to Windsor CT after school yesterday to spend some time with my dad. He was up from Florida doing audits. I'm not sure of the exact nature of the audits, but I think they are something akin to ISO9000. Anyway, we went swimming, had dinner, and hung out till about 8pm.

She seemed to enjoy it and she was really hungry. She had a salad, potato skins(with cheese and bacon), a cookie, chicken tenders, waffle fries, and part of dad's reuben. She just kept eating and eating.

She did warm up to dad a bit, climbing on him and such. Good times, except for the hour drive each way. Dad's camp sale is falling thru, so he might be up next summer. He said that, if the camp sells, he may give some of the proceeds to us kids. I think he's getting sick of the travel and so he's going to switching jobs. Maybe he'll find something a little slower.

Emily and Evan are getting their collective butts kicked by this cold. Evan's doctor claimed he had bronciolitis and an ear infection. Hopefully they start feeling better soon. Knowing my luck I'll get sick just before my vacation starts.

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