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Mon, Dec. 4th, 2006, 06:44 am

With xmas just around the corner, we've been making our list and checking it twice. We'd like to get gifts for quite a few people. However, lots of people feel like they have to give you a gift back if you get them something. I don't expect gifts from these people and they'd probably only think of giving a gift because we gave them one.

I think I'm more well off than quite a few of my friends and so I don't want to rub it in and I don't want to put them on the spot. Its not just money, everyone is busy, and several people have little childern, so I know they are short on time. We don't expect gifts from anyone. That would be contrary to the whole point of xmas. We want to give and make people happy. We don't want to give to make people sad.

Anyone who doesn't want a gift let me know.