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Evan's got a bit of a cold. He occasionally coughs and sounds really congested when he does so. He slept in both days this weekend, getting up a couple hours later than he normally would(8:00 instead of 5:00).

Aiyre and I did some christmas shopping yesterday at Target. After loading the cart up with a couple items she ran off and the place was too crowded to follow. I ditched the cart and started making sweeps of the store, but wasn't able to locate her. At the end of one of the sweeps I was checking the entrance to see if she'd left and one of the store employees told me they found her running the aisles. When I got there the guy had her pinned to the floor and she was upset.

I made her squeeze in and sit in the cart for the rest of the shopping. She didn't really like that any better. We're going to end up giving cash or gift cards for most of the gifts this year. Too many people are in other parts of the country. We don't really know what they'd like and don't want the added hassle of shipping something to them.

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