Lawful Evil (lawful_evil) wrote,
Lawful Evil

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Deja What?

Hump Day!

I saw Deja Vu on Sunday night. Interesting and all, but it suffered from the standard Time Travel movie issues. I think I liked that better than Bond too.

I'm taking the Prius in for its 67500 oil change/service tomorrow. I wonder what they'll find wrong this time? Hopefully they don't overfill the oil again.

Evan is kind of sort of saying mama. He seems to say it most when begging for snacks at the cupboard, which is right next to the Fridge. Emily used to go over and give him is milk when he was begging and say, "Mama, milk". I guess he linked mama to snack instead. Oh well. Maybe. Maybe this is the start. Gosh I hope so.

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