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Home Again

Home sweet home. Lots of police out on the Mass Pike. Lots of zooming around with lights on and such. No visible accidents or people ticketed.

Gramma's house isn't very 1 year old safe. We pretty much had to follow him around constantly to keep him out of trouble. Very exhausting. I had a lot of trouble sleeping, the bed is small, hard and squeaks/groans/creaks when you move. Every move or rollover had a chance of waking up Evan, who was sleeping at the foot of the bed. Aiyre was up through the night howling in the adjacent room. The internal walls are very thin. *yawn*

Hopefully we can relax a little more for the last couple days of my vacation. Once I'm back to work, I've got to slave for 3 more weeks before my Christmas break.

I did get a picture of a plate of turkey. Maybe it'll make a nice userpic.

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