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I'm off to Mom's for the weekend. Aiyre and I hung out at KKB's last night till mom got home from volleyball(11pm). We watched Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. Quite funny. I think I enjoyed that more than the new Bond movie. I helped them finish off some ice cream, which I bought them a couple visits ago. I think it went bad. It tasted kind of funny. :P Aiyre didn't get to bed till almost midnight, so she slept till almost 9am.

Aiyre and I just got back from Plotter's Kill reserve. She enjoyed it again. This time it was colder and wetter. Lots of mud and crap to slip on. She, of course, had a bowel problem pretty far into the hike. Doh. We cut across country to get back quicker. I think it may have taken longer because it took so long to get her up some of these hills. *sigh*

Their are supposedly 3 accidents on the Pike and it is backed way up. So, Emily and Evan will be coming out quite a bit later, once the backup is cleared up. Maybe they'll make it by her bedtime, but I doubt it. I'm expecting their make it a little way, give up go home, and stay home for Thanksgiving.

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