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When I upgraded my computer to Windows XP a couple weeks ago, I lost the ability to play DVDs on my DVD player. The DVD decoder which came with Windows ME was wiped out when XP was installed over top. I found a couple shareware DVD decoders, but they always had ads and/or limitations(can only watch 5 minutes at a time).

Turns out Mark gave me a codec pack with the House episodes so I could read the file format he provided. Turns out the codec pack also included a DVD decoder. So, I'm back in business. I was almost to the point of breaking down and forking over 20 bucks to get WinDVD back. Thanks.

We borrowed Buffy Season 5, but disk 2 is missing. Mark was going to see if those episodes(5-8) were floating around too. I guess I'll find out when I get back to work on the 27th.

Aiyre and I will be heading out to NY after school on Tuesday. Evan and Emily will follow after the play group on Wednesday. Evan got into the same program they put Aiyre in when she was first diagnosed. We've been worried about him and wanted him evaluated. Huge wait to get that to happen. In the meantime we can get him in the group and maybe the therapists can make recommendations.

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