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23 percent

Well, about 23 percent of my vacation is done already. I totally forgot to call into the 1pm meeting on Friday. oops. Hopefully there was nothing they needed me for.

We have not done much but putz around the house. I ordered and picked up pizza on Friday. I walked over yesterday morning to Big Y to get breakfast fixin's, but that's about it. Aiyre didn't even get dressed until about 3pm yesterday.

While Aiyre was at school on Friday, we went to one of our neighbors to visit. They have an undiagnosed kid and a 7 year old aspergers kid. They have two 'normal' kids too and a bunch of cats and one dog. Evan had lots of fun playing there. The cats and dog were very tolerant of his abuse. He picked up one cat by the tail and another by the ears.

I did a little work on my MUD and added an area.

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