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Emily's computer just up and died last night. She was using it and typing away when suddenly the screen went blank and then the monitor display its 'no signal' popup. The computer/keyboard lights remained on.

We messed with it a while and rebooted. The BIOS splash screen was hosed. There was a pattern of garbage across the whole thing. The screen then cleared and wend to the Windows XP loading screen. It sat there a while and then died, just like before with the blank screen followed by 'no signal'.

We opened it up, blew out some dust, re-seated the cards, etc. Still not working. I think she's going to pop out the BIOS battery this morning. Maybe she'll buy a new battery. I think something is hosed up with the BIOS because of that initial screen.

Speaking of crap, who the heck pays $51 million for the right to negotiate hiring someone? Sure, they want to win, and the fans want them to win, but come on. If you take that $51 million along with millions on the guys actual contract and spread it across the ticket prices on all the seats over all the games this guy will play for the RS, how much per ticket?

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