Lawful Evil (lawful_evil) wrote,
Lawful Evil

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Thupid thursday

Butt watch day 2.

Still waiting for some output. :( I'm concerned about eating much solids in case there is a blockage, that would just make it worse. However I know that unless I eat, I'm not going to ever get any output. The narcotics are not helping because they can cause constipation.

I came into work today. I probably should not have. I'm not feeling too good at all. I'm going to leave early. My stomach is killing me. I can only work in between dosages because the pain killer is a narcotic, I can't drive or do much of anything while I'm on it.

Hopefully the antibiotics will work better tomorrow. I've seen no progress yet.

I've neglected the Star Wars game while I've been sick. I need to get a set of updates out to everyone.

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