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Cold Elections

Sure Daylight Savings Time might save money on electricity for the country as a whole, but for me it doesn't. Now instead of getting up in the dark and having 3-4 hours of light after work, I get up in the dark and have 2-3 hours of light after work. Much less if I work even a little late.

I drive through Framingham on the way into work and most of the election signs I see there seem to be for two opposing write-in campaigns. Dawn Harkness and 'Sanchez'. I didn't catch what office they are for. I wonder what happened to cause the write-in rage this year.

Tuesday is election day and I know I want to vote for these people, "Patrick, Coakley, and No, Yes, No on the three questions." I drive so far and see so many local campaign advertisements that I'm not sure who else will be on the ballots in Worcester.

I seem to have a slow leak in my passenger side rear tire. About once a week, I need to pump it up because it has lost a significant amount of air. I'll have to have it looked at... Maybe on Tuesday when I'm off of work.

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