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I finished up my latest book, Dance Macabre, another in the Anita Blake series. Not too bad, but I didn't like the ending. Didn't really follow the standard climax-resolution story pattern. It just kind of ended. I've moved on to The Simpsons and Philosophy, The Do'h of Homer.

We all went to the mall this morning for a bit of running around and some lunch. We left about noon so Evan could get home for his nap. Evan liked walking around and looking at stuff at the mall. He walked right into a big glass window outside of Cambridge Soundworks. Didn't see it. Aiyre did the same thing at the house of glass at Canobie Lake. Whoomp. Just like a bird into a window in some Windex advertisement.

I got a newer graphics card for my computer and got it installed on Thursday. It was one of the later Nvidia cards which uses PCI instead of PCI express. Turns out that the graphics card I had in there was in some strange shaped slot, so maybe I had Pci express anyway. Doh. In anycase, it is better than what I had and was only like 50 bucks. I think its a 5200 with 128 megs of RAM. I had a 2900 with 32.

Its cold and rainy today. Aiyre and I met one of the newer neighbors. They moved in behind us and two houses down. They've got 3 boys, ages 6, 4, 1. The 4 year old is autistic too. Emily has heard him screeching and such, just like Aiyre. We'll have to let them play together when it gets nicer.

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