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Election Season is upon us. Where do I stand on the various ballot questions for MA?

Question 1 : Allow towns to license supermarkets to sell wine(not beer or liquor).

Overall... I oppose this.

Pros : I'm in favor of letting towns make their own decisions and reducing the amount of 'strange' legislation on the books. Currently only stores with fewer than 3 outlets are allowed to have a liquor license. WTF?

Cons : I don't drink wine. I do not want existing stores to reduce shelf space to make room for an aisle of products I won't ever buy. Over 50% of liquor store sales is from wine. This would have a severe impact on them. There are concerns about underage drinking, which I mostly discount because supermarket workers are highly trained professionals. What about the effect on recovering alcoholics... now they will have to walk by wine every time the go shopping. I'm also concerned that this will move us even more towards the block superstore(Hellmart, etc). FYI Sears will start to carry food/groceries because their competition(target, hellmart) does.

Analysis : If we were just starting up the state, I would have been in favor of this law. My concern is the effect it will have on the existing stores and businesses. The current situation is functional. Why mess with it?

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