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So, I noticed on Friday that Mark Friend's nameplate got moved to a window office. It was still there this morning. Looks like he was finally suckered into a section manager position. Bushway keeps asking me about it every time I see him. His office hasn't moved yet, but probably will any day now.

My office hasn't moved yet either. I'm not really sure when it will move. I emailed Peg this morning.

My computer at home got messed up. Some program I uninstalled broke Direct X when it uninstalled. I'm going to have to download several versions to bring home. It broke some Directx 8 file. I have DirectX 9c installed, but it claims to not be supported by my video card now. So.. I'm going to download the latest versions of that too. What a mess.

I did manage to get both the air conditioners out of the windows during the weekend. The window in Evan's room doesn't close tight now so we'll have to pack the window with some insulation or something.

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