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The drive to Schenectady took a while. Traffic was really backed up around Route 84. Once we got past that, things picked up a bit. Of course, by the time we got moving Aiyre was hungry so we stopped for a bite.

We stopped in to see KKB. They are well, and have another little girl they are watching. She seemed happy and excited for the first couple minutes and then got freaked out when bedtime came.

Aiyre continues to be terrified of their dog. She opened up a little bit and brought the dog its plastic chew bone.

We are going to meet them when the get back from Albany this afternoon. They're doing the Walk for a Cure 2 mile walk this morning. We'll probably get lunch and then hang out. I'm not sure when they are going camping.

Once they leave, Aiyre and I will be stuck at mom's house for the most part. Maybe we'll hit the Potterskill hicking trail later today or tomorrow. Aiyre got up pretty early this morning. It was probably after the time I would normally go to work, but I didn't get to bed till almost midnight.

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