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Aiyre and I went out last night to get presents for Emily's birthday tomorrow. She provided two ideas, Season 1 of Lost and the Players Handbook 2. I didn't find the book, but managed to get the DVD. The guys at work didn't have any good ideas either. I'm sure she'd love new oven mits, a new broom, or even new apron. I ran into another of the guys from work at the Blockstone Valley Shoppes. He suggested a new mop, and then thought, no, get her a really big knife. Thanks a lot.

I picked her up some other stuff, a chocolate bar, a computer game, Lego Star Wars II, and a couple other DVDs. Just for kicks I tossed in some new washcloths. We also hit the pet store and I bought her 7 more fish. Some neon tetra, a catfish, and a pair of red fish. The bag with red fish had a bunch of baby fish in it too. We separated them out and will add them into the tank when they get bigger. For now they are 3-5 mm and less than a 1mm in diameter.

Today we'll play in the yard, hang out, etc. Anything but go to work. I'm going to have to start raking the leaves soon. The front tree has some color already.

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