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The weekend just flew by. I took yesterday off. It was pretty warm and humid. By the evening the wind had cooled it off.

We bought Pizza for lunch from Little Sleezys. They are under new management and gave us a discount. Okay, great. The pizza taste good. The cheese seems a little more sparse and the look of the pizza had changed in some way. I'm sure the ingredients changed. I was up in the middle of the night with cramps and pain. That continued for at least an hour before it all got purged. I'm mostly better now. We'll probably try them out once more before switching.

While we were out I rent Jackie Brown. I've not finished watching it, but so far its pretty funny. Maybe I'll have time to finish tonight.

I'm supposed to meet with my management and the UEWR management today to discuss the plan for getting me off the project. Bunch of whiners. Since when do plan? Just me when I can start on the old project. I'll see if I can figure out how much money we are spending so that the managers will feel better about the transfer.

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