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I've got an interview in a couple minutes. The guy is looking to contract to us. He doesn't seem to have the right stuff listed on his resume, but maybe he knows what he needs to know anyway. Could be just a bad resume.

Boeing hasn't approved everything for the build yet. They are waiting till their internal board makes a decision. They are supposed to meet this afternoon(Pacific time).

There is an O6 review board this today too. Well, right now. I've got to do the interview, so I'll be late. They are supposed to make a decision on some of the 'contentious' issues raise by the users and argued by the contractors. Our hope is that they will make some of our problems go away. If not, we are really screwed.

We just got told about a GUI change we had to make for this build. I spec'd it out this morning and got Bill going on it. I may have to test it for him today or tomorrow.

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