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Today is, of course, September 11th. Everyone will, of course, want to hear my story. Not because anything special happened to me, but because everyone wants to know everyone's story.

I was out sick. About 10:30(?) I logged onto the computer to check my email. The web was bogged down and the only page I could get to load wasn't even fully loaded. managed to display, "NY, DC Hit" That was all I could get. I turn on the radio to NPR and got up to date. I tune my TV Univision, the only channel I get with news. I listens to NPR and the News in spanish and eventually figured out what was going on. We got to watch the towers fall. We saw clips of the second plane.

I had read Tom Clancy's books the year before so the concept was not foreign to me. The only thing which haunted me was Flight 11. Until I switched to UEWR, a couple months prior, I took Flight 11 to LA on my previous project. I'd never flown on Tuesday, but all the same, that was the connect I had to the event.

What changed for me? For a while I harbored concerns about going into big cities(Boston, DC, NYC) because I assumed the next logical step was for the terrorists to set of a small nuclear device. This, of course, has not happened, yet.

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