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Morning... *yawn*

It seems certain now, that the cafeteria has stopped carrying elephant ears. :( They have plenty of undercooked muffins where the center is still raw, as well as an overpriced buffet. I want my elephant ears.

I watched Kate & Leopold last night. It seemed to be a nice store, but the time travel bit was messed up. They had a picture of Kate during the early part of the dance to select a bride, but at the end of movie, she didn't make it to the dance on time, so she only would have shown up in photos of the end of the dance. I guess another strange bit was the time travelling guy didn't seem at all phased that he had been sleeping with his great great great great grandmother. Kids. *Humph*

My ToDo list has been growing, hopefully today I can work some of them off and empty my list.


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