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Solar Power Activate!

I got all the pieces of the our new solar system out of the box and connected them up in the garage with the panel on the back patio. The battery came mostly charge, so I was able to see that the inverter worked and power the lamp I plugged in. The solar panel was putting out 19-21 volts in full sun.

I picked up some wires and such so I can wire everything up. I bought some wood and bolts/buts to attach the panel to. I need a bigger drill bit to drill the holes though. Maybe Aiyre and I can hit Home Depot again tomorrow morning.

Thie afternoon we went down to the Worcester Pride event thing. Kind of a small event and not really that many people there. Aiyre really like the inflated jump pits(or whatever they are called). I had to drag her out of it several times to give her food and water. She liked running around in front of the speaker too, but went straight(sorry) for the jump zone as soon as she could.

I didn't recognize any of the music they played. I guess I've been out of the club scene a long time.

Hmm.. I need like a gay solar panel user pic for this post... I guess I'll just use the panel pic.

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