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I went out yesterday morning with Aiyre for 10-15 minutes in the backyard. I got 4 mosquito bites. Last night I got a pounding headache. Again in the middle of the night. Again this morning. Related? Maybe. Maybe I've got West Nile or EEE or Malaria or something.

Emily need to bring the Prius back into the shop. We brought it in for a recall on something to do with the crankshaft. A trip or two latter, the check engine light comes on. Related? Maybe...

I've been messing around on Prosper. Kind of interesting the crap people need money for and the strange stories they'll make up to try and convince you to loan them some. The bidding has that same Ebay type of feel to it. People slipping in just at the last minute before the bidding closes and bumping you off the list.

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