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Red Sox

Let's go J-Lo(Javy Lopez).

So, using Raytheon provided tickets, Bill and I caught the Red Sox game last night. They beat the Blue Jays 6 to 4. The game had some exciting moments, but there was a lot of sitting around too. It was very loud in the stadium. I did learn that the 7th inning stretch isn't just a phrase. I thought it just referred to a slow transition in the game from the main body of the game to the final innings. I didn't realize that everyone gets up and stretches.

Kind of an interesting experience. Given that the ticket was 40 bucks each, people were getting up and walking around an awful lot during the game. We rushed out just after the Sox won to catch the train. We managed to squeeze into the first train car. It was even tighter than the train to the stadium.

You'd think they'd put on a couple extra trains on game days. Maybe have them waiting at the stadium to take people away.

I managed to get home just about midnight and to bed just afterwards.

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