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Weekend Update

My project is releasing the 'final' build again. I spent all of Friday in meetings discussing what fixes might be released. Something like 2% of the fixes will get proposed to the customer and they will probably take less than half of those.

On the up side, I got another $50 gift card for Outback. I'm out of work tomorrow to take Aiyre into Boston, so maybe tomorrow night we can use it. Maybe. There is the party at the Wayside Inn tomorrow night from 4-8, maybe Aiyre and I will crash that instead.

I saw Norm yesterday. He had a new solar panel he bought off ebay. We played around with it a bit. Even with the sun behind a cloud it put out quite a bit of juice. I took my shirt off and covered the panel and it still put out more than 12 volts. So, I came home and bought a 50 watt system. I picked up a small inverter and charge controller at the same time. I still need to get the battery. My goal is to have the ceiling lights upstairs run off the battery/inverter in the attic with the solar panel on the roof.

I've been looking at getting a new computer. I've also been looking at upgrading. I want to switch my video card from 32megs to something like 256megs. I also need to upgrade from Windows ME to XP. That'll run me 400-500 bucks. If I get a new computer I can also switch from 512megs of RAM to 2Gig and up my CPU from 1.7 GHz to 2.8Ghz dual core. The new computer'll cost about a grand. I hear word we might get a bonus, so I think I wait and see how that plays out.

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