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I'm all for the ethical treatment of animals, but I just don't understand this tactic... Some group out on the west coast has decided that marching out in front of big companies isn't working so they are targeting the little people. For example, the manager of an animal shelter in LA. They protest at his work. They hang out on his porch on Sunday morning. They pass out flyers to his neighbors. The follow and shout at his kids on the way to school.

Okay, great, you get his attention. What do they want him to do? Their complaint is that the shelter ends up killing 25000 animals a year. These are animals which are injured or which they can't find homes for. The facility doesn't have the money or a big enough facility to house all the animals. What do the protesters want him to do? The whole staff could quit and then the county would come in and kill all the animals. At least with the staff on hand some animals can be adopted.

I just don't understand. I guess they'd prefer that animal control not pick up wild animals and just let packs of wild dogs run the streets.

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