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Friday afternoon Aiyre and I drove out to visit gramma. We stopped by to visit with KKB and took them out to Jumpin' Jacks for burgers and ice cream. That pretty much blows away any diet gains I had made.

We got up to the lake at about bed time. Off to bed.

This morning Aiyre got up at the buttcrack of dawn. After a couple hours she woke up gramma and after another couple hours I got up. I gave her some snacks and juice at about 7 and went back to bed.

We slipped down for a quick swim at 9:30 just as the rain was starting. We hung out in the rain till 2 or so, then we drove back to Schenectady. We hit Jumpin' Jacks for more ice cream and then went to KKB's house.

Mom's making dinner. Ham, rice, and broccoli. After dinner I'll head over to KKB's house for some ice cream, to watch some House and to chitchat.

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