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Took today off to take Aiyre into Boston for the MRI practice. We've got another one some time next week. We decided to avoid the tunnels and take the T in from Riverside. It was a bit of a hassle, but not too bad.

I took down the remains of the wasp nest. It contained a ring of 'honeycomb' Really just egg sacs. Their were like 50-75 unopened eggs, some which had visible motion inside. I smashed it to make sure none of them hatched. All I need is 75 wasps in the garage.

Work is crazy. We are desparate to keep some test event going so we keep making formal deliveries where we fix whatever problem is holding them up. I don't think they are ready for this test and handoff, but I don't get to say. We really should fix a bunch of things and get them in the build. The customers should actually use the product and let us know what they think is broken too. The problem is that this is supposed to be an 'upgrade' and not everything really works yet. If this was the first delivery everyone would be pleased.

Hopefully everything didn't fall apart while I was gone today.

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