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travel woes

For my last home visit I booked the flights through American. I would have gone through AMEX but their phone line said that they were only dealing with people who were travelling within the next 24 hours. I guess there was a storm somewhere.

Nothing in the contract stated I had to make all travel arrangements directly through AMEX. I'm now attempting to fill out the expense statement. I need to know the AMEX travel locator. I don't have one and the AMEX person I spoke with said there was nothing she could do. I need the locator to fill in the web-te form Raytheon uses.

I never got an email or anything from American with the itinerary or charges so I don't have those documents, both of which I need to get reimbursed for the travel.


People keep leaving the project. If they were going to another project it would be one thing, but they are all leaving the company. We are being gutted. There might not be much left for General Dynamics to buy. The exodus will increase once they start forcing people to drive to Woburn.

How do all the stupid people manage to get promoted to leadership positions? Now that they are in those positions it is a vicious cycle. How did they get there to begin with?

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