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I got to the coke website and dutifully enter my coke cap code. I click to enter the 50k raffle and I got a message which claimed I wasn't old enough to participate in that contest? Eh? Got to be 50 now? I checked my profile and it showed a birthyear of 1972. I wonder what the raise the minimum age to...

TGIF right? Today is supposed to be, like, perfect. 50-60 overnight and low to mid 70s during the day. Wow. That's just what I like. Same for tomorrow. Too bad I'm supposed to be at work fixing some stupid problem. We've got a hang/deadlock/infinite loop somewhere in the code. No one has reproduced the problem and generated a core file yet, so we are stuck doing code inspection to find it. We have 3 team slated to do hundreds of runs to attempt to reproduce the problem while another team does vigerous code inspections.

I did manage to get hom early enough to watch an episode of CSI and look at Time and Newsweek.

Our mailbox had TWW's mail yesterday. Our mail was nowhere to be found. I went over to deliver their mail, but no answer, so I stuck their mail back hanging out of our box for the postman to deal with. This morning I found that someone had taken their mail and left our mail in its place.

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