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I decided not to go into work today. 12 hours yesterday was quite enough for me. I slept in till Aiyre got up and then got up myself.

I took Aiyre out to Target, Barnes and Nobles, and then Home Depot. Aiyre insisted on being carried around for the most part. On the way to Target we passed a sign someone had nailed up which read "Happy B-Day Forrest, Luv Jenny".

My poor brain. It thought it was Saturday. B&N was closed and I was pissed off. The sign said they opened at 9 on Saturday and it was 9:45. So.. WTF? Aiyre was pissed too cause we walked up to the door before we found it locked.

So far no one has come to the game today. Again. Maybe we need to refresh our pool of players. *sigh*

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