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The shit has hit the fan. What a mess.

I managed to get in enough time to charge OT this week. Sounds like I'll be in on Saturday and Sunday as well. We have a game on Sunday, so I'll have to leave by noon. Shouldn't have any trouble getting to my OT limit next week. *sigh* So much for relaxing and taking it easy.

Hopefully I'll get home today in time to see Evan. I didn't get to see him at all yesterday. I'll be here till about 5pm and then I have the Friday evening drive home. I might manage a bedtime kiss, probably nothing more.

At least I'll get to spend some time Aiyre before she goes to bed. Aiyre lost another tooth eating an apple. The apple made it bleed and get really wiggly and then she pulled it out. The bottom on the right, the lateral incisor.

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