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It was a hot one yesterday. The actual temperature was only 35, but it felt like 42 with the humidity. When I got home yesterday I decided to experience the heat. I switched into short and sat out on the front lawn with the paper. I got out Aiyre's mini pool and stuck my feet in it. Aiyre sat out with me for half an hour or so.

We got a brief lightning/rain storm at about 5pm. It got dark and really windy. Lightning and rain. I took evan out for the beginning of the storm but we came inside once the rain started. I then took Aiyre outside to frolick in the rain.

I ended up having some Ramen noodles for dinner and got to bed on time, for once. I did finish up Charlotte's Web last night. I finished up Proven Guilty a couple days ago. So.. that one is available for loan. I thinking of starting the Terry Prachert discworld books, I think the first one is The Color of Magic.

The inlaws are leaving today. They both got sick while here. Seemed like the puking thing that Aiyre had a week or two ago. Not sure why Emily and I didn't get it. Anyway, they are catching a flight out of Boston at about 7 to London. Then they have an 8 day bus tour of London before the return on the 12th or 13th.

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