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We got pounded with rain last night. We went to head over the the Outback for our aniversary dinner but found route 20 flooded. So we turned around and hit TGIF instead. Emily wasn't keen on any of the movies so we hit Barnes and Noble instead.

The in-laws are in town. We've been over to the Crowne Plaza in Worcester a couple times to go swimming. Pretty nice, indoor/outdoor swim through pool. There is a womans tri-athalon in the area and so there are a lot of buff woman hanging out by the pool. Lots of bikes in lobby too. I wonder if the swim is in quinsigamond...

Went out to the 99 for dinner. John got a turkey club with the mayo on the side. Just after it showed up and we were just getting our first bites Evan reached over and grabbed a handful of the mayo and stuck it in his mouth. From the look on his face I'd say he didn't like it. It got him all upset and we had to wipe him off and get the icky food out of his mouth. Poor little guy.

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